December 27: Relishing 6th edition with photos

Still enjoying the Hafkamp Groenewegen De Ronde Venen Marathon? There are photos on our website of the passages in F.N. Kempen's greenhouse and Wim van Bemmel's cowshed.

Looking back on November 19

The prolonged and abundant rainfall posed challenges to the organization in preparation. Fortunately, Pluvius was kind to the runners and the organization on Sunday, November 19. It became a tough edition due to the swampy passages of the unpaved sections. At the finish that soon gave way to satisfaction and joy and compliments on the beautiful course, the good organization and the enthusiastic volunteers and public. It was thus another successful edition of the Hafkamp Groenewegen De Ronde Venen Marathon.

The 6th edition had a record number of entries of no less than 1450 runners, including the Plus Koot Mini-marathon in Abcoude. Most of the runners were not affected by the poor weather conditions of recent weeks; they were at the start on the Raadhuisplein in Abcoude.
After the starting shot by main sponsor Hans Groenewegen, a long ribbon of runners and cyclists moved through all eight villages of De Ronde Venen, with Baambrugge as the first village and then via the former railroad track to Vinkeveen, Wilnis and Mijdrecht. After passing the Raadhuisplein square, the Schattekerkerweg between Mijdrecht and De Hoef followed. There was a fierce headwind there, where many a runner, but also the cycling along duo partner on the KernGezond Duo Marathon, gasped for breath. The wind was at our backs from De Hoef. After a piece of pancake at De Strooppot, the enthusiast could get on with it.

Once again the passage through F.N. Kempen's greenhouse at the end of Oosterlandweg was included in the course. The runners then went via the Pondskoekersluis and the Kromme Mijdrecht to Amstelhoek. After Amstelhoek came the toughest part of the marathon. The dike in front of farmer Van Bemmel's cow tunnel and barn was completely saturated with water. Despite the bulkheads, the runners sunk deep. Right after that, however, followed the passage through the cowshed, where many runners pulled out their smartphones to capture this unique part of the course. At 36 kilometers, the passage over the Botsholpad followed. The worst part had been provided with hay in the week prior to the marathon and it otherwise held up wonderfully well.

At the finish, the runners were welcomed by enthusiastic spectators and speaker and music. Furthermore, it was possible to regain strength with soup and lots of other food and drink.
The organization of the Hafkamp Groenewegen De Ronde Venen Marathon thanks all runners, volunteers, the sponsors and the municipality of De Ronde Venen for their contribution to this successful 6th edition!

Check our site for photos of all distances. Photos were taken in the greenhouse, in the cowshed and at other places along the course. Videos of start and finish can be found in the news items.

Places of honor
Mayor Maarten Divendal presented awards to the first three runners and duos of the various categories. The victory in the men's Hafkamp Groenewegen Marathon went to American Jesse Barragan in 2:50.23. The presentation of the day was for An Bennema from Groningen. She smashed the women's course record by 12 minutes, bringing it to 2:57.44. In the KernGezond Duo Marathon there were victories for Dol fijn Duo (ladies - 3.02.15), Motorclub MalleJan (men - 2.33.26) and the NePallen (mixed - 2.50.50).
In the Day Six 10 kilometers it was Vinkevener Johan Pluim who "finally" claimed victory after a 2nd and a 3rd place. He ran a time of 33.26. Among the ladies it was Roos Nouwens from Amsterdam who took the win in a time of 41.57.
Check our website for all results.

Next edition
Please mark Sunday, November 17, 2024 in your calendar for the 7th edition of the Hafkamp Groenewegen De Ronde Venen Marathon.

We further wish all runners, volunteers and sponsors a very happy 2024!

Nov. 16, 2023: Get ready for Sunday next!

Registration for the 6th edition of the Hafkamp Groenewegen has gone unprecedentedly well: 1350 runners have registered for the various distances. The distribution is: 450 runners on the Hafkamp Groenewegen (whole) Marathon, 300 duos on the KernGezond Duo marathon and 300 on the DaySix 10 kilometers. So it will be extra fun on November 19 next in Abcoude and in the other villages of De Ronde Venen. It also means that you should take into account that collecting starting numbers may take longer than usual. So come on time and prepare well!

Course marathon and duo-marathon
The prolonged and intense rainfall of the past few weeks presents new challenges. The Botsholpad (between 36 and 38.5 km) is not in good shape in some places. We will make improvements for the worst part in the coming week. We hope this will be enough for good passage.

Duos: you can't switch everywhere!
Perhaps unnecessarily, but better too often...: there are parts where you cannot change as a duo. This is because you cannot cycle on some sections: runners and cyclists follow a different route. These are from start to 3.5 km, from 7.2 to 11 km and from 34 to 38.5 km. Check our website for more info on this and prepare for it by arranging the exchange points.

Pick up starting numbers
You can pick up your starting number at Sporthuis Abcoude, Geinplein 3 in Abcoude. This is possible on Sunday from 8.15 am (marathon and duo-marathon) and from 10.00 am for the 10 km. Want to avoid the crowds? Start numbers can also be picked up on Saturday between 12.00 and 16.00 in the Sporthuis.

You can park in the parking lot of the sports fields on the Hollandse Kade and on the Dr. Van Doornplein. These are large parking lots, but some distance from the Sports House. A shuttle bus runs from the sports fields to the Sporthuis Abcoude. There are also parking facilities on the Bovenkamp and the Bijdorplaan. Please note! There is a parking disc zone with a maximum parking time of 2 hours on the parking lot next to the Sporthuis, also on Sundays.

Start and finish
The start and finish are on the Raadhuisplein in Abcoude. The distance between the Sporthuis and the start/finish is approximately 1 kilometer. There is a shuttle bus, but take into account extra travel time.

Start times
The Hafkamp Groenewegen De Ronde Venen Marathon and the KernGezond Duo Marathon start simultaneously, namely at 10:00 am. Prior to that, the cyclists of the duo-marathon will start on the Molenweg (near the Raadhuisplein) at 9:50 am. The Day Six 10 kilometers start at 11:00 a.m. The awards ceremony is at 12:15 pm (10 km) and 2:00 pm (marathon and Duo marathon) at the Council House Square.

Put the following numbers in your phone!
Are you really unable to continue on the marathon or duo-marathon (as a runner)? Call tel. 0617297316. We have some cars available to take you to Abcoude. Do you or another runner need medical assistance? Call tel. 0493-242112. We have doctors and nurses available who can be on site quickly.

Turn in your start number after the finish
This is because we can reuse the chip in your start number. That saves making new chips and that saves us buying new chips for next year.

More information?
Check out our website and keep an eye on our Facebook pages De Ronde Venen Marathon and De Ronde Venenmarathon!

October 13, 2023: Article in the Green Fens (local newspaper).

Hafkamp Groenewegen De Ronde Venen Marathon popular: Already more than 1,000 runners for Rondeveen event

Next Sunday, November 19, the 6th edition of the Hafkamp Groenewegen De Ronde Venen Marathon will take place. The event through all 8 villages of De Ronde Venen is more popular than ever.

"It is a challenge every year to get runners to the start of our event," says Michael Woerden, one of the inventors of the event and still involved in the organization. "Runners have a lot of choices; you have to be distinctive. That's why we really offer runners something different from a city marathon, like Amsterdam or Eindhoven. It's a choice for the runner to go for a fast(er) time or maybe something less fast, but something special. Because we do that with a plant greenhouse, a cow tunnel, a cowshed, the unpaved former railroad track and of course the nature trail through the Botshol. But also with just fantastically beautiful surroundings, along streams and through the eight villages." Michael continues: "Runners overwhelmingly come from the Netherlands. The whole country - every province is at the start - is represented, but we also have international participation, namely with 16 nationalities, even from the United Arab Emirates and Zimbabwe."

Many organizations face a shortage of volunteers. Is that also a problem of De Ronde Venen Marathon? "We have managed to find two new members for the board," says outgoing chairman Jos van Wijk. "I'm very happy about that, of course. I can leave the event with peace of mind. The other board members spend quite a few hours to keep the event running smoothly. I'm going to miss seeing so much positive energy." Jos van Wijk: "But it's also about the volunteers at the refreshment stations, at the crossings, handing out start numbers, front and back cyclists and building up start and finish in Abcoude. We need about 150 volunteers on race day."

"When my brother and I came up with this event in 2016, that was also a big concern of ours. We could love this and be excited about it, but how do we make sure enough volunteers want to help? The decision to divide the course into rayons remains crucial in this regard," said Michael Woerden. Rayons? "Yes, the course is divided into rayons per village, headed by a rayon head. The rayon head is responsible for the passage and takes care of the volunteers. These volunteers basically come from the village. So they don't have to go to Abcoude first and then go to a place in De Ronde Venen." Michael continues: "This idea is still the starting point, but over the years this was all laid down in a bulky Organization Plan. It was wood-rope back then. Now it's a solid organization."

Jos van Wijk: "We always get a lot of positive feedback from the runners. They are surprised by the beautiful surroundings of De Ronde Venen at such a short distance from the big cities. And they are also positively surprised by the enthusiastic encouragement from the locals. In that respect, I am counting on the contribution of all Ronde Veners again on Sunday, November 19 next. The mayor called one of the previous editions to stand along the side with wine gums. This was heeded en masse. Things like this are greatly appreciated by the runners."

Want to participate yourself? You can register through the website www.derondevenenmarathon.nl until November 6 for the Hafkamp Groenewegen De Ronde Venen Marathon and the Day Six 10 km. The KernGezond Duo-Marathon is now completely full. Interested in helping out? Mail to info@derondevenenmarathon.nl .

Very successful 5th edition of Hafkamp Groenewegen De Ronde Venen Marathon

Last Sunday there was once again a running party in De Ronde Venen. As many as 1,350 runners had registered for the various distances of the Hafkamp Groenewegen De Ronde Venen Marathon. The runners enjoyed the beautiful course through all the centers of the municipality, the enthusiastic volunteers and public and the good organization.

The weather was uncertain for a long time. There was eventually a cold but beautiful start and (unfortunately) a rainy finish.
New this year was the passage through the greenhouses of F.N. Kempen on the Oosterlandweg in Mijdrecht. The runners and accompanying cyclists entered the greenhouse at the Oosterlandweg, crossed the waterway at the back via a pontoon of Van Schie and continued their way over the grass dike to the Westerlandweg. And what remained was the passage through Wim van Bemmel's cowshed on Tienboerenweg.
The Amstelhoek Fortcross was also new. At the Fort in Amstelhoek, children and youth ran a cross on this unique course, courtesy of the AKU and the neighborhood association of Amstelhoek. In Abcoude the children again ran the Mini-marathon, in cooperation with Atletiek Abcoude.
The men and women long distance ran the 42.195 kilometer Hafkamp Groenewegen (whole) Marathon. Winner among the men was Niek Dekker from Woerden in a time of 2:34.52, followed more than 2 minutes later by Brent Pieterse from Nieuwkoop. For the ladies it was Thecla De Jongh-Oosterwijk who crossed the line as the winner in a time of 3.23.34.
This year there was again a Duo-Marathon, made possible by KernGezond from Mijdrecht. This distance is a unique combination of running and cycling with two participants. There is always one participant running to cover the distance of the entire marathon. In the men's duos the victory went to Packed&Fresh from Amsterdam. They were 2 minutes faster than the first runner on the whole marathon. In the ladies duos there was a course record. Galgje from Utrecht ran the 42.195 km in a super-fast 2.46.06. In the mixed duos, victory went to Noordburen from Amsterdam in a time of 3.08.46.
Finally, there was the DaySix 10 kilometer, with a nice lap through Baambrugge. Victory in both the men's and women's races went to Spanish athletes. Marta Romance Oms and Victor Aguilera Revuelta decided to liven up their trip to Amsterdam with a visit to Abcoude. They went home with extra pocket change, as both Marta (37.37) and Victor (31.48) went home with the victory. Anyway, the event had an international participation with no less than 21 nationalities and some 50 participants from other countries.
The organization would like to thank all volunteers, sponsors and the public for their efforts and contribution to the running festival in De Ronde Venen. Check our Facebook pages and website for atmospheric impressions.

Registration 5th edition open

On Saturday, March 26, 2022, the starting shot was fired for the registration of 5th edition of the Hafkamp Groenewegen De Ronde Venen Marathon on Sunday, November 20, 2022. This happened during a pleasant gathering on the terrace of Pancake Restaurant De Strooppot in De Hoef.

Here the design of the commemorative medal was also presented. Proudly showed Marcel Kentrop of The Strooppot the design with his restaurant on it. Marcel: "The history of this building goes back to the 19th century. Around 1900 it already served as a café. After many changes of guard, I started a pancake restaurant here in 1999. We have a warm heart for the marathon and are honored with this beautiful medal". And it doesn't stop at that warm heart alone! As in previous years, De Strooppot treated participants to delicious pieces of pancake again this year.

In addition to the medal, the anniversary shirt was also presented. Treasurer Frans van 't Schip: "When registering for participation participants can order this shirt for 20 Euro along. There is a choice of a ladies and a men's model and the shirt is available in various sizes. Delivery will take place when picking up the start numbers on November 19 or 20".

When asked if we can expect some extras this fifth edition, chairman Jos van Wijk replied

that that is certainly the case: "We are going to go all out with extra decoration, more music, new activities and a surprise in the course. We will elaborate and communicate this in the coming months."

More about registration and jerseys check out the Registration page.

4th edition of the Hafkamp Groenewegen De Ronde Venen Marathon great success!

This was evident from the numerous positive reactions from the runners at the finish line and on social media: the volunteers, the beautiful course and the good organization were praised. The beautiful weather conditions last Sunday also contributed to this of course, with only a single shower in Mijdrecht.

Who would have thought that two weeks ago? With the rising infection rates and then the extra coronama measures, it was quite a job for the organization to translate this to the competition. Fortunately, they encountered a positive attitude from the municipality.
Mark Hafkamp of the main sponsor fired the starting pistol at 10:00 a.m. on the Raadhuisplein in Abcoude under the watchful eye of Mayor Maarten Divendal and Alderman Sports Rein Kroon.

Groenewegen De Ronde Venen Marathon and the Municipality of De Ronde Venen Duo-Marathon. A motley procession of runners began the magnificent 42-kilometer, 195-meter run through all the villages of the municipality. Other beautiful spots were also visited, such as the Bellopad, the Kromme Mijdrecht and the path through Botshol. Also unique is the passage through the cow tunnel under the N201 and a cowshed.

In the meantime it was the children's turn with the ElectroWorld Mini-Marathon in cooperation with Atletiek Abcoude. They ran one or two laps around the sheep pasture. At 11 a.m. the start of the DaySix 10-kilometer run took place with the beautiful round via the Dorpsstraat and the Zuwe in Baambrugge.

It was Wouter Dijkshoorn from Amsterdam who returned fastest. He did so in a new course record of 33.22. Vinkevener Johan Pluim followed him at exactly one minute; Pablo Reina Argente was number 3. Among the ladies, a runner from the municipality of De Ronde Venen even took a seat on the top step of the podium: Micaela Monoscalco from Abcoude ran 43.24. Her fellow townswoman Jeltje Smit followed at a short distance and finished third. Hanka de Bruin was in between with 43.34.
In the marathon the victory went for the second time in succession to Roy Werner from Dordrecht. He did so in a fantastic course record of just over 2.30: 2.30.07. Wilfred Verhagen from Woerden was extremely satisfied with his second place in a time of 2.33.59. For him this meant an improvement of his personal record by no less than 17 minutes! Daniel Korevaar's third place, 8 seconds behind Wilfred, is also worth mentioning: a great time on this tough course.
Among the ladies it was Berbel Würth from Utrecht who finished first in 3.23.50. It was her first marathon. Thecla de Jongh-Oosterwijk (3.30.08) from Zevenhoven finished 2nd and Femke de Snoo from Amsterdam (3.32.28) 3rd.

In addition to the solo marathon, runners could also participate as a duo: alternating running and cycling. Patrick Stastra and Jan Leerink from Amsterdam alternated every 5 minutes. This resulted in a super fast 2:23.27. Also a course record, this time by 13 (!) minutes. The duo Silvan Buis and Martijn Veuling from Utrecht took 2.5 minutes longer, followed by the duo Felix Straver/Tymon Geul from the same place.

In the ladies duo, the victory went to Donkers/De Wolf from Leusden. The second and third place did stay within the municipality: Margriet de Boer and Anne-Floor Tilburg from Abcoude (2nd) and the sisters Fangmann from Vinkeveen (3rd).
In the mixed duos the victory went to Erik Hoving and Annette Hoving from Utrecht in a sharp 3.02.30, followed by Carla and G. van Rooijen and Marco Groot/Iris Vromans.
The organization would like to thank everyone who made this fantastic 4th edition possible: the sponsors, the volunteers, the community and of course the runners. And do you want to see even more of this race? Look around our two Facebook pages: De Ronde Venen Marathon and De Ronde Venenmarathon.