Marathon / Duo-marathon

You run this Marathon / Duo-marathon on a unique course. One big round along / through all eight villages of the municipality of De Ronde Venen: Abcoude, Baambrugge, Vinkeveen, Wilnis, Mijdrecht, De Hoef, Amstelhoek and Waverveen and back to Abcoude. On pedestrian and traffic-free roads, a former railway, along rivers and through meadows.

On the last kilometres to Abcoude the surprise comes, a beautiful nature reserve: De Botshol, a puddle and marshland. In rainy weather it can be swampy there.

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Abcoude has a protected village view. A particularly beautiful place for this special event in the historic center. With the start and finish on the Molenweg (near De Eendracht). After the start, the course goes via De Horn to Baambrugge.

Baambrugge also has a beautiful village view. We arrive in Vinkeveen via the Baambrugse Zuwe, through a tunnel under the A2.

Vinkeveen let us enjoy on a quiet bike path. An avenue with a row of trees on both sides. Two kilometers away are the Vinkeveense Plassen with a beautiful view. Via the tunnel under the bridge in the N201, the route runs via a narrow path to the former railway track Nieuwersluis-Uithoorn. Trains ran here until 1989, even with a level crossing of the A2. Who can remember that? Today the railway is used as a walking path. The route turns right onto the railway. 5 kilometers further is the crossing in Vinkeveen at the former station on the Demmerik. Cross the Ringvaart towards the Wilnis cemetery. At this point the runners get under asphalt again and the route goes via a quiet road to the next Ringvaart. On the bicycle / footpath you pass the place where the dike once broke in 2003. The path along the Ringvaart runs to the bridge at the Wilnisse Zijweg, after which the route moves on the edge of Wilnis, again towards the former railway. On the left is the Johannes de Doperkerk and on the right the Bedrijventerrein Mijdrecht.

Mijdrecht. We turn left into the center. Along the town hall, across the square and via the Dorpsstraat to the Kerkvaart. Then we cross the dyke along the Kerkvaart and turn left onto the Schattekerkerweg in the direction of De Hoef.

De Hoef. We reach the half marathon point. The route goes along the beautiful meandering river “De Kromme Mijdrecht”. We go through the village of De Hoef, cross the Oude Spoorbaan and head towards the village of Amstelhoek.

Amstelhoek. We cross the road and arrive at a special place: the scrap yard of the company Pothuizen. A public road across the premises of the company. The road turns into the unpaved Ringdijk 1e Bedijking. Then the route goes through a cowshed, through a cow tunnel under the N201 and ends at the Tienboerenweg. Now it’s time to go into the polder of Waverveen. For enthusiasts, on the left there is a view of the Amsterdam Arena. Just as it threatens to get bored, there is the icing on the cake: the nature trail through the De Botshol nature reserve. 2.5 kilometers over grass paths and a few bridges. There is the river de Winkel. The path along it takes us back to Abcoude, via the tunnel under the A2. The route now goes quickly to the finish. Pass the former town hall and the river Angstel. The finish is already there, at De Eendracht.

10 kilometers

For the runners who have been participating in runs for a long time, the 10 km course is a classic. It is the former route of the Tour of Abcoude. The route also starts on the Molenweg at De Eendracht in the historic center of Abcoude. The first kilometer goes through Abcoude, via Willem van Abcoudelaan, “t Markvelt, Hoogstraat and Burgemeester Des Tombeweg, then left to Baambrugge. Via the winding De Horn, the runners go through the center of Baambrugge towards the tunnel under the A2. Turn right under the tunnel, back towards Abcoude. The A2 is neatly hidden behind the noise barrier, while the runners go through a green environment. Then the route continues under the A2 along the Winkel in the direction of Abcoude. The last kilometer goes through the buildings, with a finish in the center on the Molenweg.

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